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A place where you take help of spiritual and ancient science’s like Astrology Numerology lalkitab and many more for a better life.

What is the TRY US!! section all about?

Usually when you approach some websites you get stuck with a robotic approach. Or a plan which you don’t know about.

It’s are belief that you have the right to TRY US before you pay us. Enjoy the initial readings and tips if you think this what you were looking for message us for a plan.

I have submitted my details on TRY US!! Now what?

Our approach is manual so it takes time. Your details will now be sent to our panel assessment team and then to an astrologer we think suits you the most. Post which we shall email you and send alerts for remedies and tips you should observe.

I have not received my trial alert/tip/report?

PLEASE check your inbox if not then spam box. Ideally you get email from lifeteller.com if you are not getting message over mobile please write ADD and send message to 091 _  8750925474 or 7678630921 India numbers.

What’s app or SMS?


What are the plan durations post trial is over?


What are the pricing plans?

Starts from as low as rs500

Where to contact KICKBOSS?

India : 8750925474 & 7678630921

only whatsapp or SMS


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