Marriage (paid)

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There is always a reason to an event.

And we call these reasons as planetary placements on your charts.

Basis our experience we can help you know the most relevant dates and the remedies.

This package also consists of some beautiful tips to clear difficulties in maintaining or making relationships.

Why would you choose to continue the way it is if it has not done good to you. 


“the most important thing and you are only thinking is it??. “

I am on love but not sure if we shall marry?

I am looking for a match but not finding any.

I am concerned about my married life.

Am I heading towards divorce?

When will I see happiness in married life?

There are tons of questions in your mind. We are sure by now you might have tried many a things only to make it worse.

So  what difference can we make??

Well we can let you know what astrology has to offer you at best. The remedies and the timing of events.