What is a subscription?

A 90 Days plan. This includes your personal charts + A set of planned solutions which are basically very easy & effective easy to do remedies.

What sort of remedies are prescribed?

We don’t sell stones and other stuff. These remedies don’t cost you much and most of the stuff is available in your Indian Kitchen. We may also suggest you some useful & very power full self to perform mantras or make you change in eating habits or colors & a few very powerful tricks to achieve your goals.

Why 90 Days?

Not all goals are achieved over night. If its sold online We doubt 🙂
Please note we have designed sets of remedies towards all problems basis our experiences and learning. TO heal completely you need time it may vay on how soon the results shows it might show up from Day 1. but we still want you to continue over a time to achieve best results possible.

If this report is all I need ?

NO you need to continue put in your best efforts. the tricks & remedies might be an Umbrella in Rain or a boat in Sea. It’s your efforts which will make you pass through. its like a Guide and not the destination.

How will I get the report?

Within 24 hours of your payment Our team shall call or message you on your given mobile number used during payments.

Still have Questions ?

just message it on (India 91) 7678630921 & we shall be happy to help you.